Protocol for Using Graphics and Photos.

I am working on an augmented reality mobile phone app that is an art exhibition guide. I need a graphic that I can use as a button that is a link to access more information. It must be self explanatory, free and relatively modern looking. After reading Rudai 23 thing 3 I searched Flickr and Pixbay for such a button image. Pixbay has more free info-graphics than Flickr and I finally choose this image as the one for my application:
The image is by Katarzyna Tyl located here:
As you can see the image is free for commercial use and no attribution is required however best practice would suggest that I at least attribute the image. When using an image in your presentations etc. please consider Creative Commons license agreements and acknowledge the creator of the image. For more information on Creative Commons click here:

It's always good to have a backup!

Although modern learning technology is quite robust it is always good to have a backup plan for those times that technology lets us down. Say, for instance, you are giving a lecture to a class and at the same time streaming that lecture to another location. The gremlins arrive on the scene and the streaming is interrupted. This is quite disruptive for the students in the remote location and perhaps would necessitate rescheduling the lecture if the host recording device were to fail? To avoid rescheduling I would advise that at each lecture you bring a portable audio recording device. As soon as you start your lecture press record on the device at the end of the lecture press stop. You now have a recording of the lecture. This can be made available to students after the lecture, as a resource or podcast.